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Paul E. Laibinis

Chair and Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


Dr. Laibinis's work focuses on the assembly of systems whose performance is a direct result of surface effects.  These systems include chemical sensors, antifouling coatings, responsive interfaces, and nanoparticle dispersions.  A common element in these efforts is a molecular perspective on the structure of species at surfaces as a way to control interfacial behavior.  Systems range in complexity from single-atom coatings useful in chemical sensing to polymeric films employed to retard biomolecule adsorption to arrays of immobilized DNA molecules for genetic analyses or programmed multi-particle assembly.

Selected Publications:

Co-Poly(ionic liquid) Films via Anion Exchange for the Continuous Tunability of Ion Transport and Wettability. Njoroge, I; Bout, BW; Matson, MW; Laibinis, PE; Jennings, GK, ACS OMEGA, 3, 16158-16164 , (2018) View Abstract

Development and thermal properties of carbon nanotube-polymer composites. Jackson, EM; Laibinis, PE; Collins, WE; Ueda, A; Wingard, CD; Penn, B, COMPOSITES PART B-ENGINEERING, 89, 362-373 , (2016) View Abstract

Flow-Through Porous Silicon Membranes for Real-Time Label-Free Biosensing. Zhao, YL; Gaur, G; Retterer, ST; Laibinis, PE; Weiss, SM, ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, 88, 10940-10948 , (2016) View Abstract

Standard Reticle Slide To Objectively Evaluate Spatial Resolution and Instrument Performance in Imaging Mass Spectrometry. Zubair, F; Prentice, BM; Norris, JL; Laibinis, PE; Caprioli, RM, ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, 88, 7302-7311 , (2016) View Abstract

Effect of DNA-Induced Corrosion on Passivated Porous Silicon Biosensors. Zhao, YL; Lawrie, JL; Beavers, KR; Laibinis, PE; Weiss, SM, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, 6, 13510-13519 , (2014) View Abstract