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Owen Meilander

Interdisciplinary Materials Science


Owen Meilander is a second-year Ph.D. student in the interdisciplinary Material Science program who does his research in Professor Mona Ebrish's Electron Device Group. His research interests include the fabrication of high-efficiency and high-power gallium nitride devices with a focus on the release and transfer of devices to silicon substrates.

Owen is passionate about science outreach in the VINSE cleanroom. He has lectured and led stations for the microfluidics and solar cell high school outreach programs.

Additionally, as a VINSE superuser, Owen will train users on photolithography methods such as spin-coating and development in conjunction with the Karl Suss MA6 mask aligner. He will also manage training on the Disco DAD 3220 dicing saw and Heidelberg uPG101 laser writer.