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Maxwell T. Ugwu

Interdisciplinary Materials Science


Maxwell Ugwu is a 1st year Ph.D candidate in the Interdisciplinary Materials Science program under the supervision of Professor Justus Ndukaife. His work is focused on nano-optical manipulation, trapping and spectroscopic study of nanoparticles and bio-vesicles with plasmonic and resonant dielectric metasurfaces. His interest in this area stems from the desire to profoundly navigate through the complexity of molecular space, encompassing a wide range from polymers to biomolecules. Unraveling the intricacies of these fundamental building blocks holds the potential to not only transform our understanding of biological systems but also to open new avenues for innovative applications in the realms of medicine and material engineering. 

Maxwell is currently a VINSE TA for the undergraduate Nanoscale Science and Innovation course. Beyond that, he is actively engaged in science outreach efforts, demonstrating a passion for sharing scientific knowledge with a broader audience.