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Mahir Tajwar

Earth and Environmental Sciences


Mahir Tajwar is a 1st year Ph.D. student in the Earth and Environmental Sciences Department studying under the supervision of Dr. John Ayers. His research includes understanding greenhouse gas emissions and studying stream metabolism based on primary productivity and ecosystem respiration in Tennessee streams.

Mahir is very passionate about research in the broad dimension of environmental pollution in relation to water contamination, microplastic characterization, spatial analysis, geochemistry, and risk assessment. He worked on microplastic contamination during his graduate studies at the University of Dhaka. His research at Auburn University focused on hydrogeochemistry and groundwater contaminants in coastal regions. He has served as a teaching assistant for introductory undergraduate courses at Auburn University and is currently employed as a teaching assistant for the course Dynamic Earth Lab at Vanderbilt University. In addition, he has served as a summer research assistant at the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs.


Vanderbilt University College of Arts and Science Fellowship, 2023
Auburn University Dean’s Research Award, 2023
Auburn University GAB Outstanding Graduate Student, 2023
GSA Graduate Student Research Grant, 2021