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Jeremy R. Espano

Interdisciplinary Materials Science


Jeremy Espano is a 5th year Ph.D. Candidate in the Interdisciplinary Materials Science Program studying under the direction of Dr. Janet Macdonald. His research includes nanoparticle synthesis and understanding how to control the phase of metal chalcogenide materials. 

Jeremy is very passionate about science outreach. Since he started graduate school Jeremy has participated in VINSE outreach programming. He has served as the senior teaching assistant for the VINSE Summer Academy in Nanosciences for the past two years. In addition, Jeremy assists with the SAVY program with the Programs for Talented Youth (PTY) and Vanderbilt School of Engineering’s Engineering Day. Jeremy served as the VINSE Outreach Lead Teaching Assistant in the 2022-2023 academic year. During this time Jeremy designed and created the new high school outreach lesson ‘Forensics in the Analytical Lab’. Under the NanoGuides program, Jeremy will continue to lead the forensics lab and participate in the Blackberry Solar Cell.


VINSE Distinguished Service Award, 2023
Best Chemistry Third Year Talk, 2022
Russell G. Hamilton Graduate Leadership Institute Dissertation Enhancement Grant Fellow, 2022