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James R. McBride

Research Professor of Chemistry


James is interested in applying advanced electron microscopy techniques towards the understanding of the structure-property relationships of colloidal quantum dots. In collaboration with Stephen Pennycook and Andrew Lupini at ORNL, he has utilized aberration-corrected electron microscopy to image the true structure of core/shell nanocrystals. His primary efforts currently involve correlating the atomic structure and the photoluminescence of the same quantum dot. In VINSE, James manages and trains users on the Tecnai Osiris TEM, the Zeiss Merlin SEM and the Helios G3 FIB/SEM. James is also spearheading the development of cryo-FIB-SEM techniques in VINSE including volume imaging and cryo-electron tomography lamella preparation.


• Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award, 2006
• Graduate Teaching Fellowship, 2003
• Vanderbilt Institute of Nanoscience and Engineering Fellowship, 2003 and 2004