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James E. Crowe

Professor of Pediatrics and Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology
Director, Vanderbilt Vaccine Center
Ann Scott Carell Chair


The Crowe laboratory studies the molecular basis for neutralization of viruses by antibodies. The group is developing hybrid methods combining laboratory and computational methods to study and predict the activity of protein at the nanoscale.


• Elected Member, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) of The National Academies
• Mentor of the Year Award, Vanderbilt Postdoctoral Association
• Norman J. Siegel New Member Outstanding Science Award, American Pediatric Society
• Chancellor's Research Award, Vanderbilt University
• Ernest W. Goodpasture Faculty Research Award, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
• F. Peter Guengerich Award for Mentoring Postdoctoral Fellows, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
• Outstanding Investigator Award, American Federation for Medical Research
• E. Mead Johnson Award for Excellence in Pediatric Research, Society for Pediatric Research
• Oswald Avery Award for Early Achievement, Infectious Diseases Society of America
• Teacher of the Year Award, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Interdisciplinary Graduate Program
• Judson Daland Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Patient-Oriented Clinical Research, American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia, PA
• Young Investigator Award, Society for Pediatric Research
• Young Investigator Award, Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society
• Turner Scholar Award, Vanderbilt University
• Dade MicroScan Young Investigator Award, American Society for Microbiology
• Basil O’Connor Scholar Research Award, March of Dimes

Selected Publications:

Proof of principle for epitope-focused vaccine design. Correia, BE; Bates, JT; Loomis, RJ; Baneyx, G; Carrico, C; Jardine, JG; Rupert, P; Correnti, C; Kalyuzhniy, O; Vittal, V; Connell, MJ; Stevens, E; Schroeter, A; Chen, M; Macpherson, S; Serra, AM; Adachi, Y; Holmes, MA; Li, Y; Klevit, RE; Graham, BS; Wyatt, RT; Baker, D; Strong, RK; Crowe, JE Jr; Johnson, PR; Schief, WR, NATURE, 507, 201-206 , (2014) View Abstract

A recurring motif for antibody recognition of the receptor-binding site of influenza hemagglutinin.. Xu, R; Krause, JC; McBride, R; Paulson, JC; Crowe, JE; Wilson, IA, NATURE STRUCTURAL AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, 20, 363-370 , (2013) View Abstract

Human antibodies that neutralize respiratory droplet transmissible H5N1 influenza viruses. Thornburg, NJ; Nannemann, DP; Blum, DL; Belser, JA; Tumpey, TM; Deshpande, S; Fritz, GA; Sapparapu, G; Krause, JC; Lee, JH; Ward, AB; Lee, DE; Li, S; Winarski, KL; Spiller, BW; Meiler, J; Crowe, JE Jr, JOURNAL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATION, 123, 4405-4409 , (2013) View Abstract

Structural Basis of Preexisting Immunity to the 2009 H1N1 Pandemic Influenza Virus. Xu, R; Ekiert, DC; Krause, JC; Hai, R; Crowe, JE; Wilson, IA, SCIENCE, 328, 357-360 , (2010) View Abstract

Neutralizing antibodies derived from the B cells of 1918 influenza pandemic survivors. Yu, XC; Tsibane, T; McGraw, PA; House, FS; Keefer, CJ; Hicar, MD; Tumpey, TM; Pappas, C; Perrone, LA; Martinez, O; Stevens, J; Wilson, IA; Aguilar, PV; Altschuler, EL; Basler, CF; Crowe, JE, NATURE, 455, 532-U41 , (2008) View Abstract