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Douglas E. Adams

Vice Dean of Engineering
Associate Provost, Office of Research and Innovation
Daniel F. Flowers Professor
Distinguished Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Professor of Mechanical Engineering


Research in the Adams lab is focused on developing new sensors and sensing systems that enable intelligent structures in energy, security, and manufacturing applications. For example, nanotechnologies coupled with advances in material processing, e.g., 3D printing, are being explored to develop photo luminescent materials that are self-aware of their state of stress and damage state.


• Lazan Award, Society for Experimental Mechanics
• DeMichele Award, Society for Experimental Mechanics
• Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers
• American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists
• One of Most Cited Authors, Journal of Sound & Vibration
• Structural Health Monitoring Person of the Year Award
• Army Young Investigator Award
• Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers
• American Society of Mechanical Engineers Dynamic Systems and Control Division Outstanding Young Investigator Award
• Technical Medal of Achievement, United States Army, Stryker Combat
• Brigade
• Commander’s Award from United States Navy Air Warfare Center
• Purdue Book of Great Teachers

Selected Publications:

3D-Printed alternating current electroluminescent devices. Brubaker, C; Newcome, K; Jennings, GK; Adams, DE, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C, 7, 5573-5578 , (2019)

Detecting Changes in Fiber Orientation in a Simulated Chopped Fiber Plate Using Curvature Mode Shapes. Meyer, JJ; Adams, DE, THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS, 85, 051009 , (2018) View Abstract

Incorporation of fluorescent quantum dots for 3D printing and additive manufacturing applications. Brubaker, CD; Frecker, TM; McBride, JM; Reid, KR; Jennings, GK; Rosenthal, SJ; and Adams, DE, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C, 6, 7584-7593 , (2018) View Abstract

Nondestructive Evaluation and Detection of Defects in 3D Printed Materials Using the Optical Properties of Gold Nanoparticles. Brubaker, CD; Davies, MA; McBride, JR; Rosenthal, SJ; Jennings, GK; and Adams, DE, APPLIED NANO MATERIALS, 1, 1377-1384 , (2018) View Abstract

Effects of water on epoxy cure kinetics and glass transition temperature utilizing molecular dynamics simulations. Sharp, N; Li, C; Strachan, A; Adams, DE, and Pipes, RB, JOURNAL OF POLYMER SCIENCE PART B, 55, 1150-1159 , (2017) View Abstract