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Dmitry S. Koktysh

Research Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Lab Supervisor, VINSE Nanocrystal/Analytical Laboratory


Dr. Koktysh’s research is focused on fabrication of advanced nanomaterials. He is working on development of diverse synthetic and derivatization strategies which provide the ability to simultaneously control the chemical composition, structure, and properties of the hybrid nanoparticles.  His effort is also devoted to the characterization of nanosized particles with an emphasis on synergetic properties in hybrid systems with well-controlled structure. Different nanomaterials including semiconductor, magnetic particles are studied with reference to many potential applications in material science and medicine.


Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, 2002
NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1999

Selected Publications:

Fluorescent magnetic hybrid nanoprobe for multimodal bioimaging.. Koktysh D1, Bright V, Pham W., NANOTECHNOLOGY, 22, 275606 , (2011) View Abstract

Multimodal imaging of dendritic cells using a novel hybrid magneto-optical nanoprobe.. Mackay PS, Kremers GJ, Kobukai S, Cobb JG, Kuley A, Rosenthal SJ, Koktysh DS, Gore JC, Pham W., NANOMEDICINE, 7, 489-96 , (2011) View Abstract

EuS nanocrystals: a novel synthesis for the generation of monodisperse nanocrystals with size-dependent optical properties. Koktysh, DS; Somarajan, S; He, W; Harrison, MA; McGill, SA; Dickerson, JH, NANOTECHNOLOGY, 21, 415601 , (2010) View Abstract

Facile route to SnS nanocrystals and their characterization. Koktysh, DS; McBride, JR; Geil, RD; Schmidt, BW; Rogers, BR; Rosenthal, SJ, MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING B-ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL SOLID-STATE MATERIALS, 170, 117-122 , (2010) View Abstract

PbS/PbSe structures with core-shell type morphology synthesized from PbS nanocrystals. Koktysh, DS; McBride, JR; Dixit, SK; Feldman, LC; Rosenthal, SJ, NANOTECHNOLOGY, 18, 495607 , (2007) View Abstract