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Vacuum Oven #1 - Yield Engineering Systems (YES) 310TA HMDS Vapor-Prime & Image-Reversal Vacuum Oven


Contact: VINSE Cleanroom
ESB 111 - Cleanroom

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The YES-310TA oven is a vapor-primer and image reversal oven from Yield Engineering Systems.  The YES-310TA oven uses hexamethyldisilazane (HMDS) to vapor prime for improved photoresist adhesion to non-organic samples.  Ammonia can be used for image reversal to reverse the tone of positive photoresists upon request. 


  • Maximum sample size: 200 mm or 7.8 inches
  • Chamber size: 12”x 13.25”x 12”
  • Operation temperature: 30°C to 160°C
  • Gases: N2., NH3, HMDS vapor
  • Two vapor prime loads per hour; one image reversal image load per hour
  • Temperature uniformity: ± 5°C after stabilization period