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Wire Bonder - Westbound Wedge 7476D


Contact: VINSE Cleanroom
ESB 111 - Cleanroom

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The Westbond 7476D Wedge-Wedge Wire Bonder is a conventional wire bonder that can provide precise control for accurate loop formations.  The convertible wire clamp assemblies allow for a variety of bonding methods: angled-feed or vertical-feed.  The system uses ultrasonic energy to attach aluminum wires at room temperature and workpiece heat for gold wires. 


  • 45 degree wire feed
  • X-Y-Z single lever micromanipulator and optical Z encoder
    • Z-encoder resolution: 001 inch
    • Z-tool range: 0.5 inch
    • Micromanipulator dual counterbalanced
  • Programmable dual force (high or low)
    • 18 grams and 90 grams
  • Wire types
    • Aluminum or gold wires: 0.0007 to 0.002 inch diameter
    • Gold ribbon: 0.0005 x 0.002 inch to 0.001x0.010 inch
  • Ultrasonic transducer: K~Sine Model K~74D-W
  • Electrostatic discharge protection with Electroless Nickel plating
    • Suitable for ESD sensitive devices
  • Bonding recipes available for aluminum, gold, platinum, and silver samples
    • More material recipes available upon request