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Photoplotter - Bungard Filmstar-PLUS Small


Contact: VINSE Cleanroom
ESB 111 - Cleanroom

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The Bungard Filmstar-PLUS Photoplotter is a stand-alone system that can fabricate plastic masks for photolithography and microfluidics through a high resolution laser and photo paper.  The photoplotter is capable of writing light and dark field masks. The photoplotter works with Gerber, Extended Gerber, Hi-Res BMP file formats. Conversions to and from these formats are also offered through LinkCAD, Gerber2Bitmap, and Filmstar-PLUS in the cleanroom.  Files are converted from AutoCad (DXF) and L-edit (GDSII) as a VINSE staff service as part of the mask fabrication process.  All masks are printed by VINSE Cleanroom Staff unless otherwise specified.  


  • Maximum plot size: 230 x 380 mm
  • Maximum film format: 250 x 380 mm
  • Speed: 7 mm of film width/minute at 2032 dpi (at lowest resolution possible)
  • Light source: Laser-diode 670 nm (red)
  • Maximum resolution: 16256 (X-axis) x 25400 (Y-axis) dpi