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Fluigent Flow EZ™ - Microfluidic Fluid Flow System


Contact: VINSE Cleanroom
ESB 111 - Cleanroom

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The Fluigent Flow EZ microfluidic fluid flow system allows for consistent, controlled fluid flow through microfluidic devices. With multiple components that can be added to measure the flow rate or switch between two liquids, this system can be used to test microfluidic devices and their functions before leaving the cleanroom.  


  • Measures flow rate up to 120 microliters/min
  • Pressure capabilities
    • 2 units with pressure up to 345 mbar
    • 2 unites with pressure up to 2000 mbar
  • Compatible liquids
    • Aqueous solvents
    • Oils
    • Organic solvents
  • Software compatibility
    • OxyGEN (available on cleanroom laptop)
  • Easy switching between different liquids using 2-way switch