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Pronoun Guide

This guide was developed as a supplement to What Should I Call YOU: Faculty Modeling Vanderbilt’s Commitment to Gender Inclusivity and Awareness by the Vanderbilt University Faculty Senate Gender Inclusivity Task Force with input from LGBTQI Life. The Vanderbilt University English Language Center (ELC) created this pronoun guide as part of our mission to address the professional, academic, and practical language needs of students who have a first language other than English. The ELC hopes this guide will not only provide English-language learners the opportunity to better understand and participate in this campus initiative, but will also help them make informed choices regarding their own pronoun usage.

Our pronoun guide provides learners with:

  • a descriptive explanation of pronoun usage specific to contexts at Vanderbilt University among other universities in the U.S.
  • the ability to make informed choices regarding their own pronoun usage

Note: Because this guide is situated in particular social and cultural contexts, all aspects of pronoun usage described here may or may not be used by everyone at Vanderbilt, off-campus, or in other countries.


The ELC’s Pronoun Guide resource is available for download as an individual document:


Institutional Repository

Persistent Link: