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Diverse ‘Dores Day


What is diverse ‘dores day?

Diverse ‘Dores Day is open to all Vanderbilt students, staff, post-doctoral fellows, and faculty. It is an annual event that provides an opportunity to build and find community. This event encourages people to learn more about various support centers, identity-related resources, and spaces on campus. Traditionally, Diverse ‘Dores Day is centered on themes that promote pride in the diverse identities of people across campus, as well as accepting and raising awareness about our cultural differences.

diverse ‘dores day 2021

Join us for this year’s two-day event! Come to Alumni Lawn on September 9th to enjoy food trucks, music, games, t-shirts, prizes, and an all-around good time in the community with us. Be sure to get your passport stamped by each table to take and present to the centers in exchange for more giveaways and a tour on September 10th.




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Past Diverse ‘Dores Days

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