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Our Graduates!

We'd like to celebrate our graduates that have made our office run smoothly and provided incredible service and support.

Sara Van Tuerenhaut

photo of sara van tuerenhaut

What is your degree?

B.S. in Psychology

Were you a member of any clubs/organizations?

E. Bronson Ingram College Council, Alpha Epsilon Delta pre-med fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity, and Alternative Spring/Winter Break

Any special interest/hobbies?

Cooking, playing guitar and piano, podcasts, painting, and reading

How long have you worked for Student Access?

4 years

What are your plans after graduation?

Working in a psychology research lab for two years and then going to medical school

Olivia Bailey

photo of olivia bailey

What is your degree?

M.Ed. English Language Learners

Any special interest/hobbies?

I enjoy reading and try to finish a book every 1-2 weeks. I reconnected with other hobbies during the past year and have been enjoying embroidery and gardening.

How long have you worked for Student Access?

I’ve worked for Student Access 2019-2021. I’m glad to have been part of the team for both years of my studies at Vanderbilt. 

What are your plans after graduation?

I’m looking forward to teaching English language learners in the higher education setting.

Drew Flaherty

photo of drew flaherty

What is your degree?

Master of Science in Data Science

Any special interest/hobbies?

running, basketball, hiking

How long have you worked for Student Access?

2 years

What are your plans after graduation?

I will be working for Deloitte in their audit analytics department.

Sailee Karkhanis

photo of sailee karkhanis

What is your degree?

M.Ed. in Human Development Counseling - Specialization in School Counseling

Were you a member of any clubs/organizations?

I am the VP of Public Relations for the Graduate Student Council.

Any special interest/hobbies?

I love traveling, painting, exploring various food joints and spending time with friends and family!

How long have you worked for Student Access?

I worked for 3 entire semesters for the Student Access office. My first semester was as a Graduate Assistant, and for the last 2 semesters I have been working as a Graduate Technology Assistant.

What are your plans after graduation?

I will be pursuing my Doctoral Studies starting Fall 2021. I will be doing my PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision from the University of Iowa.

Summer 2021

As we begin the summer, we wanted to make you aware of two important updates:  

  1. We have extended our Proctoring Center hours from 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM Central Monday through Thursday and 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Central on Fridays. Although our hours have been extended, our space is still limited due to safe social-distancing practices. Be sure to use the Commodore Access Portal if you want to schedule a test with us.
    • Important note: In-person availability will be limited to scheduled test times. Please contact before stopping by our offices at the Baker Building.
  2. Student Access has grown! Carol Schmitz joined our team mid-December as an Administrative Assistant. She will also serve as an Assistant Testing Coordinator during the evening hours.


Yes, we are open! Student Access is operating remotely at this time. We are able to assist students and faculty via video call, phone, and/or email. Our proctoring center is open for students enrolled in in-person courses. Please see our  proctoring page   for more information. 

For students requesting accommodations for the first time, or for those students requesting a change to an accommodation, please log into the Commodore Access Portal and make the request. If you have questions about exam accommodations, please contact our testing coordinator.

For those students with fears and anxiety relating to Coronavirus, please view the Dean of Students' page for resources and services available to help manage your concerns.

For faculty: Please view our resources on remote accommodations and proctoring. We are happy to assist you via phone or video call. Please email us and we will respond as soon as possible.

We thank you for your flexibility during this unprecedented time. Please stay safe and well.

Returning to Campus

SAS is following Vanderbilt’s Return to Campus Plan. Please see guidance below for details pertaining to our office:

  • We plan to open our physical location in Baker once our undergraduate students are on campus (phases 3 and 4). 
  • Contact Student Access for the most efficient way to have questions or concerns addressed.
  • If you travel through campus via wheelchair or other accessible method, please review the protocols for the campus circulation plans for outdoor spaces and  building entry/exit. Contact our office if you come across any barriers within the routes provided.
  • If you are a student with a vision impairment or are unable to read the campus signage, contact our office to arrange a guided tour or to discuss alternative accessible options. 
  • If you are a Vanderbilt faculty, staff member or other employee and are seeking accommodation(s), contact Equal Opportunity and Access.

Commodore Access Portal

The Commodore Access Portal is the ultimate mode of communication around accommodations for students, faculty, and the Student Access team.

Students use the Commodore Access Portal to connect with our office, request accommodations, and schedule exams. Through the portal, the Student Access team is able to view requests, schedule exams, and collaborate with students and faculty to ensure students are receiving access. Faculty can also use the Commodore Access Portal to view accommodation letters and provide proctoring information to our testing coordinator. 

If you are an incoming student, please refer to our instructions for requesting accommodations. After applying, a member of the SAS team will meet with you to discuss your accommodations and show you the Commodore Access Portal.

If you are a faculty member, you may request a training session by emailing Student Access. We are happy to provide 1:1 demonstrations and/or provide quick departmental overviews