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Congratulations to our 2022 inclusability graduates

Video Recording of the InclusAbility Graduate Recognition Ceremony Keynote Speaker, Dr. Emelyne Bingham (via Zoom)

What is InclusAbility

InclusAbility brings awareness and an inclusive lens to the multiplicity of identities within the Disabled community by actively acknowledging and uplifting the fact that accessibility is an important facet of diversity.
InclusAbility aims to highlight the specific strengths and challenges of those in the Disabled community to foster a campus culture that is fully and seamlessly inclusive of Disabled persons in all aspects of the campus environment and in the attitudes, behaviors, and endeavors of all university stakeholders.

The act or action of taking in, encompassing, or embracing as part of a whole or group.


A physical, mental, cognitive, chronic, or developmental condition, illness, or injury that alters the lived experiences of individuals.


Acknowledging and celebrating the rich dimensions of diversity contained within each individual by bringing awareness to the multiplicity of disabilities within our community.

Goals for InclusAbility
  • To bring awareness and an inclusive lens to the multiplicity of identities within the disability community.
  • To actively acknowledge and celebrate the disability community as an important facet of diversity.
  • To highlight the specific strengths and challenges for individuals with disabilities.

On Campus Resources

Student Access Center

SAC provides variety helps for students (accommodations, proctoring, notetaking, and technologies) and faculty (instructional accessibility and proctoring)

Next Steps at Vanderbilt University

Next Steps at Vanderbilt is a 4-year inclusive higher education program committed to providing neurodiverse students an inclusive, transformational postsecondary education in academics, social and career development, and independent living, while honoring equality, compassion, and excellence in all endeavors.

Student Care Network

Student Care Network is a holistic network of services and resources pertaining to health and wellness available to all Vanderbilt University students who have paid the Student Health Fee, including all undergraduate, graduate and professional students.

Student Organizations

Disability & Chronic Health Conditions Employee Affinity Group

This group is a place for Vanderbilt employees who identify as having visible or invisible disabilities, chronic mental or physical health conditions, and their allies.  The group gathers to address and discuss issues that impact the group, such as discrimination, misconceptions, mental health, navigating workplace interactions, and other relevant topics.  The group aims to provide a safe and brave space for members to be heard while engaging in sharing of resources, social programming, and community activism through regular meetings.  For more information or to join, please sign up here.

Equal Opportunity and Access

EOA assists departments with providing reasonable accommodations for faculty and staff with disabilities; ensures that Vanderbilt programs and events are accessible to the Vanderbilt community and visitors; monitors the accessibility of the university; investigates disability discrimination complaints for faculty and staff; and provides training on disability related issues.

News and Events

Disability Awareness Month 2023 – Calendar of events

InclusAbility Meet and Greet