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Adding Restrictions to a Quiz

There are multiple ways to add restrictions to a quiz. In our guides we will cover Dates, Time Limits, Password Protection, and using the Respondus Lockdown Browser (separate guide).

If you need to grant special access to individuals, see this guide. This would include giving select students a longer time limit, different dates, or multiple attempts.


Updated Spring 2022
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Summary of Quiz Restrictions

  1. Get into Quiz edit mode. Do this by going to Activities & Assessments -> Quizzes -> and then clicking on the dropdown icon next to your quiz. Select Edit.
  2. Go to the Restrictions tab and indicate that your quiz is Hidden or Visible. A visible quiz is visible to students as a “future quiz” but they are not able to access it until the Start Date. A hidden quiz is not visible to students at all.
  3. Dates: Select the Start and End date for your quiz. It is a good idea to check Display in Calendar, for the students’ convenience. Students must begin their quiz before the end time. Note that students can go past the end time if their time limit allows it. However if they are booted from the quiz for any reason (lose power, browser freezes) they will not be able to re-enter because the time period will have expired.
    If you would like to add release conditions, you would also do that here. Release conditions are rules that will make the quiz available. Such as, “You must have turned in Assignments 1 & 2 for Quiz 1 to appear.” Release conditions are covered in another guide.
  4. Security Options: These will only be available if you have enabled the Respondus Lockdown Browser. Instructions on how to enable and use Respondus can be found here.
  5. Password: You can require a Password for students to use in order to take the quiz. Professors most often will display this password in the classroom when the quiz is administered, to ensure that students are present.
  6. IP Restriction: At this time, Vanderbilt is unable to provide IP restrictions for quizzes. Our IPs are specific to campus, but not from one classroom/building to the next.
  7. Timing: A Recommended Time Limit will not force a student to finish the quiz at the end of the duration, and you have the option to hide the clock.

    An Enforced Time Limit will force a student to finish the quiz at the end of the duration. You can also allow a grace period, which allows students extra time to submit the quiz. This is helpful to students who may have lost track of time, or have a poor connection that slowed their quiz submission process. We recommend using an enforced time limit with a 2-5 minute grace period.

  8. Special Access: You can allow users Special Access if they require a longer time limit, different dates, or multiple attempts. These instructions can be found here.


Once you have made all your selections on the Restrictions tab, be sure to click Save.