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What’s New on Brightspace? (July 2017)

Posted by on Friday, July 14, 2017 in Uncategorized.

Every month, Brightspace will release new features and updates. You can get a comprehensive view of the updates here,  but this blog post will give you a quick overview of what’s new on Brightspace!


Quizzes – Shuffle the order of questions

Instructors can now shuffle the order of all questions in quizzes or specific groups of questions (sections) in quizzes. For example, an instructor could shuffle questions 1-10 in a quiz, or shuffle questions 3-10 (grouping those questions into a section) and retain the order of questions 1-2 at the start of the quiz.

When editing a quiz in the Quizzes tool, a new option to Shuffle order of questions at the quiz level displays in the Quiz Questions section. When creating a new section to group specific questions in a quiz, a new option to Shuffle order of questions in this section is visible in the Display Options section.


HTML Editor – Images on mobile devices

When a learner views content on a smaller device, such as a tablet or a phone, the images are correctly sized for the screen. This change only applies to new images uploaded using the HTML Editor tool; existing content is not modified by this change.


HTML Editor – Text formatting from Microsoft Word copy/paste

When you copy and paste Microsoft Word content, the formatting of the pasted content is retained. Now you can change this default behavior to either display a prompt to choose whether formatting is retained or remove formatting.


HTML Editor – Unsaved changes prompt

In the HTML Editor tool, when you make content changes and attempt to navigate away or close the browser or tab without saving your changes, a message prompts you to discard your changes or resume editing.

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