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Multimode Deposition Chamber

Angstrom Amod Combined ebeam Resistive and Sputter Deposition Chamber


The Angstrom Amod e-beam chamber is a versatile deposition tool. Capabilities include: 6-pocket e-beam evaporation, resistive thermal evaporation, and sputter deposition using Ar or O2. Substrate may be rotated and heated. Chamber opens either to air or nitrogen-filled glovebox for transport to spin coater. Nitrogen-filled glovebox that contains a spin coater and vacuum oven. Glovebox is connected to Angstrom deposition chambers for transport in an oxygen-free environment. The Angstrom Amod resistive evaporator has 6 resistive thermal evaporation sources. Substrate can be rotated during deposition. The chamber may be opened to air or a nitrogen-filled glovebox.