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Ruth Howard


I strive to provide a warm, affirming, and safe space for students to reflect on their concerns, identities, and experiences with openness and compassion. I believe that trust is built through feeling heard, understood, and valued and that it is through these nurturing connections with others that we develop new ways of understanding ourselves as well as more creative ways of coping with the inherent stressors of life. I am humbled by the strength, resilience, and perseverance of the students at Vanderbilt, and it is a privilege to support them as they work to reach their goals.

Dr. Howard received her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, completed her doctoral internship at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s counseling center, and is thrilled to now be a member of the diverse, engaged, and vibrant Vanderbilt campus community. Dr. Howard has a passion for empowering university students on their journey towards accomplishing their goals and cultivating more meaningful and authentic lives. In her clinical work, Dr. Howard works collaboratively to co-create a safe, warm, and connected healing environment with students that honors the strengths they exhibit on a day-to-day basis. Dr. Howard also has a passion for integrating an understanding of sociocultural systems of privilege and oppression, in order to advocate for and support students with marginalized identities. As a psychologist who identifies as Latina, Dr. Howard finds it both personally and professionally rewarding to support students in this way and work towards deconstructing deeply rooted systems of inequity. In her free time, Dr. Howard enjoys hiking, visiting garage sales, and spending time with family and friends.