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Pre-Exam Study Groups

During the 2020-2021 academic year, all tutoring sessions will be held online via Zoom. We look forward to resuming in-person tutoring sessions in Fall 2021.

Pre-Exam Study Group sessions offer an excellent opportunity to study and learn collaboratively alongside peers. While students work together in small groups to prepare for their exams, one or more of our tutors will be on hand as a resource for everyone who is participating.

How do I sign up for a Pre-Exam Group?

Reserving a spot is easy! Select “Schedule an Appointment” to log into our online scheduler. After selecting the “Tutoring Group Schedule” for the current semester, look for “Pre-Exam Study Group for [SUBJECT AND COURSE NUMBER]” on the date listed below. Registration for each session will open in the online scheduler system 14 days prior to the listed Pre-Exam Study Group date.

Registration: Spaces are limited and registration is required. The available spaces vary from session to session.

Group Appointment Limits

As per our Appointment Policies, group appointments can be scheduled via our online scheduler (WCOnline) up to 14 days in advance with a limit of one appointment per day and two hours of group appointment time per week in fall (three per week in spring).

These limits are independent of the number of individual tutoring appointments a student can schedule, and we encourage students to consider using both. That’s why Tutoring Services maintains separate WCOnline schedules for 1-on-1 and Group Study appointments, and students can easily switch between the one-on-one and group schedules from within our system.

Group Session Cancellation Policy

Note that our Cancellation Policy for Group Sessions is more strict than for individual tutoring sessions, requiring that group cancellations be made at least four hours before the start of the session. Failure to cancel group appointments at least 4 hours in advance is subject to our Missed Appointment Policy.

Don’t see any Weekly Learning Roundtable openings? Join the Waiting List!

Check out our Waiting List feature! To join the waitlist, just click on the “Waiting List” link in the bottom right corner of the day you need an appointment and sign up. You’ll be notified if a cancellation matches your specified parameters. (You must then still log in and reserve the appointment yourself on a first-come basis.)