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Tutoring Services Back to In-Person Sessions + Tutor Match program

Posted by on Thursday, February 3, 2022 in News.

Tutoring Services is now back with in-person sessions at 1801 Edgehill for the Spring 2022 semester.

As we have done over the past few semesters, Tutoring Services is still offering online synchronous sessions via Zoom. Beginning Monday, January 31, we also began to phase back in many of our tutors who offer in-person appointments at our 1801 Edgehill, Suite 112 location. When making your appointment, please make sure you are picking the location that best works for you. All appointments are defaulted to in-person at 1801 Edgehill; all online Zoom appointments are signified with a parenthetical following the tutor’s name “(Online)”.

Appointments cannot be switched from one location to the other, so please make sure to set up your session accordingly.

Spring Offering! Tutor Match!

Tutor Match was a huge success last year and we are excited to bring it back for our spring semesters! If you haven’t yet looked at our Tutor Match program, please do so now! Our available sessions tend to fill up quickly.

Tutoring Services’ “Tutor Match” is a spring-only program which allows clients to request regularly scheduled, weekly sessions with a specific tutor. While our high demand in the fall semesters do not allow us to offer this option broadly, we are excited to provide it for our spring semesters.

As a student, requesting a Tutor Match gives you (or you and a fellow student in the same course) the opportunity to set regularly occurring, weekly sessions with a peer tutor for the full semester. Spacing out your study practice and committing to a weekly 50-minute scheduled time is a good learning strategy to help clarify course concepts and answer questions strategically. An additional benefit of a Tutor Match would allow you to develop a working relationship with a peer tutor who can help you achieve your academic goals over time. And since your match is regularly occurring in our WCOnline scheduler, you can rest easy that you always have an appointment confirmed, even during our busiest times of the semester! Please visit our website under the header Tutor Match to get your match scheduled!

Roundtable Groups and Drop-In Hours

Sundays at Tutoring Services allow for group meetings in the following courses. Please visit our Group Schedule to get started.

Online Roundtable with Paige, CHEM 1602 – 5pm
Online Roundtable with Paige, CHEM 2222 – 6pm

Commons Fireside Lounge with Mike, CHEM 1602 Roundtable – 6pm
Commons Fireside Lounge with Mike, Drop-In Hours – 7pm

Don’t hesitate to contact with any questions.