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Audio & Video Accessibility

Recorded and live media have the ability to draw in your audience and convey ideas more vividly. Let's do all we can to include the widest audience by following the basic access principles below.

transcription icon Audio transcripts

captioning icon Pre-recorded video captions

audio description icon Audio description for video content

captioning icon Live class meeting captions

Audio transcripts

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Students that cannot hear a podcast, recorded class lecture, or other audio clip will be excluded from essential content if they are not provided with a text transcript.

Include a text transcript in the simplest file format (Notepad in Windows; TextEdit in macOS) with all the information from the audio recording. Post the transcript file next to the audio clip in any easy-to-find location.

Note:  Transcripts can help all students by making the text from audio-only clips searchable.

Pre-recorded video captions

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Captioning is one of the most well-known access needs. You can either send your videos out to a third-party service, such as Cielo24, and pay to have your video captioned OR caption videos yourself using Kaltura or YouTube (using YouTube to caption doesn't mean that your videos have to be posted publicly on YouTube).

Note: Captioning someone else's video violates copyright by changing their original content. Cielo24 has a dynamic transcript player that may be a solution in this situation. Their player also has the advantage of creating a searchable transcript.

Audio Description for video content

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Videos or online meetings with unspoken content (slides, pictures, action without dialog) cannot be understood in an equitable manner by students who cannot see the video. This becomes paramount when instructors assign videos where students are expected to respond to what they've seen. 

It's possible that your video doesn't need audio description if all of the visual content is already being described, as in a traditional lecture.

Descriptions guidelines from   DCMP Description Tips

Live class meeting captions

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Remote class meetings via Zoom (and other services) can have real-time captioning. This function requires working with a 3rd party captioning provider. Please email us at if you have a student accommodation letter from our office that mentions captioning.

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