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If you're new to a campus environment, you may want to start with our transition to higher education page in order to understand the differences between K-12 and University.

Get Connected with Student Access

Welcome to Student Access at Vanderbilt University. The first step in connecting with our office is to complete the New Student Connection form in the Commodore Access Portal. The Commodore Access Portal is the go-to system for connecting with our office, requesting accommodations, and scheduling any proctored exams. When completing the New Student Connection form, you will be asked to upload your documentation. If this is not ready to be uploaded, that is okay; please submit your documentation to us as soon as possible. Your request will not be reviewed until we have your connection form and your documentation.


Student Access provides reasonable accommodations to students with diagnosed disabilities who have substantial limitations. In general, documentation should be submitted on letterhead, signed, and dated. The documentation should include a diagnosis (with date of original and most recent diagnosis) and the functional limitations of that diagnosis. While an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan from high school may show a history of accommodations, these documents do not typically provide the needed information to establish a diagnosis and/or functional limitations.

Documentation is only reviewed for students who have accepted their offer to Vanderbilt University and for students already enrolled.

Accommodation Letters

Once the connection form and proper documentation has been submitted, an access specialist will contact the student for an orientation meeting. At the orientation meeting, the student and access specialist will discuss reasonable accommodations and their implementation. In addition, the student will receive instruction on how to notify their faculty of their accommodations via the accommodation letter. Students must log into the Commodore Access Portal each semester and submit their accommodation letters to their faculty. Once sending the letter via the portal, the student must follow up with each faculty member that semester and discuss how accommodations will be implemented. This conversation is best during office hours; however other forms of communication are also effective, as long as the conversation takes place. If at any point the faculty member states they are unable to provide an accommodation, or the student is unable to contact the faculty member, the student should notify Student Access as soon as possible.

Accommodations outside of the classroom


As part of Vanderbilt Campus Dining’s mission statement to provide excellent food at the highest level of quality, value, convenience and service, students are able to meet with Meredith Williams, the university’s registered dietitian. Please reach out to Meredith to discuss any questions or concerns regarding dining on campus.

Scheduling exams

If you are a student connected with Student Access and your instructor is unable to provide your exam accommodations, our proctoring center is available. To schedule an exam, please visit the Proctoring webpage.

Temporary Conditions

Student Access provides accommodations to students with temporary disabilities when the instructor is unable to provide access for the student. If you have a temporary disability (concussion, broken arm/leg, mental health), and your instructor is unable to provide you with accommodations, please follow the steps to connect with our office as listed above.