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Apply for Accommodations

Please Note ⚠️

If you are a student seeking a religious accommodation or an employee seeking a religious or disability-related accommodation, please visit Vanderbilt EOA.

Applying to Student Access

The Student Application is where campus accommodations begin. The steps below will help you register with Student Access so that we can partner with you in your accommodations regarding the classroom, dining halls, residential spaces, and more. If you're new to a campus environment, you may want to also look at our  transition to higher education page  in order to understand the differences between K-12 and University.

Registering in the CAP:

  1. Go to the Commodore Access Portal's student application page.
  2. Fill out the form fields on the first page with your basic contact and disability info:
    first page of student application
  3. The second page will allow you to upload documents* from a health professional:
    second page of application, including documentation upload field
    • *If you don't have your documentation available at the time of application, you will receive an email that contains a link to upload your documentation later:
      Email after application with link to upload documentation
  4. Your application will we reviewed in the order received.

Once you've finished the orientation process, you'll be ready to create your accommodation letters!

If you ever encounter new barriers, emergent needs, or want to modify a current accommodation, you can request additional accommodations by completing the Additional Accommodation Request Form.