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AmericasBarometer Insights Series

The Insights Series provides short, pithy analysis of key, policy relevant data gathered by the AmericasBarometer. The studies are written mainly by LAPOP scholars and students. The series includes four types of reports:

 Insights  - In-depth analyses reports at the regional level that look at the individual level predictors, both sociodemographic and political, of key survey questions from the AmericasBarometer.

 Topical Briefs  - Short reports that give survey data insights from the AmericasBarometer related to contemporary sociopolitical events at the regional and country levels.

 Methodological Notes  - Reports that provide a look “under the hood” of the survey methodologies implemented in the AmericasBarometer project.

 Spotlights  (Now available!) - Quick snapshots of survey items from the AmericasBarometer across Latin America and Caribbean countries and across time. 

These reports are used by journalists, policy makers and scholars world-wide. Subscription is free and available by emailing your name to

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IO943: The Seligson Political Culture Survey Archive: 1973-2005

Author: Mitchell A. Seligson
Released: June 17, 2020
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ITB036: The 2018/19 AmericasBarometer

Authors: Elizabeth J. Zechmeister; Noam Lupu
Released: October 15, 2019
English Link Spanish Link

ITB035: Tolerance of Executive "Coups" in Peru

Authors: Mariana V. Ramírez Bustamante; Elizabeth J. Zechmeister
Released: October 8, 2019
English Link Spanish Link

IO942: Who Trusts Mass Media in the Americas?

Author: Hannah Hagan
Released: August 21, 2019
English Link Spanish Link

IMN006: Sample Substitutions in the AmericasBarometer 2016/17

Authors: Facundo Salles Kobilanski; Georgina Pizzolitto; Mitchell Seligson
Released: August 14, 2019
English Link Spanish Link

ITB034: Disapproval of Same-Sex Marriage in Ecuador: A Clash of Generations?

Author: J. Daniel Montalvo
Released: July 23, 2019
English Link Spanish Link

IO941: Who Perceives Insufficient Human Rights Protections in the Americas?

Authors: Clarence Gao; Joella Hartzler; Sam Hu, and Isabella Randle, with LAPOP
Released: July 17, 2019
English Link Spanish Link

IO940: Support for Harsher Criminal Punishment is Greater among the Young, the Insecure, Victims, and Those with Low Trust in the Police

Authors: Sophie Price; Stella Sechopoulos; and James Whitty, with LAPOP
Released: June 18, 2019
English Link Spanish Link

IMN005: How Does LAPOP Calculate Response Rates?

Authors: Zach Warner; Gabriel N. Camargo-Toledo
Released: June 11, 2019
English Link Spanish Link

IO939: Education and Engagement Predict Tolerance for Anti-System Protest

Authors: Frances Burton; Agatha Fenech; and Carly Moskowitz, with LAPOP
Released: June 4, 2019
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