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About AmericasBarometer

LAPOP’s largest survey research project is the AmericasBarometer, a periodic study of 34 countries in the Western Hemisphere, with stratified nationally representative samples drawn in each country,a common questionnaire core, and country-specific modules. LAPOP’s work on the AmericasBarometer includes survey design, sample design, qualitative and iterative pre-testing of new modules, data auditing, and analysis and reporting. LAPOP creates surveys in multiple languages in the Americas (including main indigenous languages). LAPOP has been responsible for developing increasingly sophisticated software for use on smartphones and tablets for face-to-face interviews in the field. This software is especially tailored for multi-lingual countries/questionnaires, experiments, and complex skip patterns as well as for conducting experiments in the field. Moreover, LAPOP has a quality control program (FALCON ©), which includes unprecedented ability to track response rates, prevent location errors in the sample, monitor interview quality and detect and prevent fraud.

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Or, take a look at our informational brochure (Español).

Also, this article from Vanderbilt's Arts and Science magazine is a good introduction to LAPOP's work.

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What is unique about the AmericasBarometer?

Features  AmericasBarometer Other
Includes North America / Caribbean (34 countries) Yes No
Interviews in indigenous languages (15 total) and widespread use of handheld computers (PDAs) Yes No
Samples of 1,500 vs. typical 1,000 Yes No
Full disclosure of sample designs Yes No
National stratification and sub-stratification by rural/urban residence Yes Varies
Functions as a consortium of academic partners Yes No
Pre-tests in all countries, training, auditing of data sets, and no cost on-line detailed country studies and “Insights series” Yes No
No cost/no registration on-line multivariate analysis (no embargo period) Yes No
Free world-wide distribution of all data sets ( no embargo period) Yes No