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Become a Subscriber

Update July 2011: We are now offering IP authentication for subscribers. Individual subscribers who would like to request access to their AmericasBarometer subscription via IP authentication, please go to this link, run the program "What is my IP?'', and email  Rubí Arana the following information:

  • The IP address the program returns to you, the name of your institution, and your email address

Institutional subscribers need to provide your institutional IP address ranges. You may need to contact your information technology services to obtain this information. Then, email  Rubí Arana the ranges to be set up. Proxy servers will work with IP authentication.

Note to active subscribers: Please go to the Subscriber Log in page to log into the AmericasBarometer data.

Annual Subscription to AmericasBarometer Data Sets

You or your institution can purchase an annual subscription to the AmericasBarometer data sets. The subscription service works much as a subscription to an academic journal operates. Subscribers are set up for IP authentication or with a unique username and password to the site where they can download all the individual waves of the AmericasBarometer data and questionnaires (all the surveys from 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2012 that are part of the AmericasBarometer surveys) for a single annual fee. Upon annual renewal, new data sets will be made available as they are collected.

Subscribe to the AmericasBarometer 


Renew an annual subscription that is expiring

Annual Subscription Fees and Types of Subscriptions

The subscription fee is based on where you or your institution are located, and, if the subscriber is an institution, the type of institution it is.

Once you open up the subscription form, this information will help you determine what type of subscription you need and what the cost will be:

A. If the Subscribing institution is located in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Western Europe or in a European Union member country1, and if the Subscribing institution is a government institution, multi-lateral public institution, think tank, or a degree-granting institution of higher learning that offers a Ph.D. or Masters in political science (or government), international relations, or public policy, the subscription is an all-inclusive license fee of $1,500 fee per year.

B. If the Subscribing institution is located in any other part of the world, or if the Subscribing institution is a degree-granting institution of higher learning that does not offer a Ph.D. or Masters in political science (or government) , international relations, or public policy2, the subscription is a flat $500 fee per year.

1Individuals and institutions located in the U.S., Canada, Western Europe, European Union member countries, and Japan have a different type of subscription than those in other countries. This allows us to discount the cost of data sets to certain countries, providing more fair access. Countries in the European Union or who are considered to be in Western Europe are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

2This fee structure goes into effect March 9, 2011, applying to all licenses henceforward. It does not apply retroactively.

Which Agreement to Choose: Individual vs. Institutional Data Subscription

To determine if you wish an to subscribe as an institution or as an individual, ask:
Will I be the only person accessing the data?

If you are the only person accessing the data:

Will you be purchasing the subscription from personal funds or from institutional funds?

    o If Institutional funds – You will want to set up your agreement as an institution. Download an institutional license agreement now, or a renewal of an institutional license
    o If Personal funds – You will want to set up your agreement as an individual. Download an individual license agreement now, or a renewal of an individual license

If you will have more than one person accessing the data, you will want to set up your agreement as an institution. We recommend that institutional licenses be purchased by institutional funds. The Subscription Agreement will need to be signed by an authorized agent from the institution.

LAPOP also offers a combined paid annual subscription and a paid repository status option to the AmericasBarometer and LAPOP data, which gives you the greatest flexibility and adds depth to the data available to you. Under this option, the institution or individual owns the data, and also has website access.

For those who wish access to data prior to 2004, the only option is to purchase the data as a repository. You may choose to simultaneously subscribe to or purchase repository status for the data from 2004 and on

Should you prefer this alternative, please complete the forms in both of the following links:

Please Note

  1. The use of these data files is subject to U.S. Federal regulatory mandates pertaining to research involving the protection of human subjects.
  2. The AmericasBarometer weighting scheme (en Español) applies to each year of the AmericasBarometer data. Users of the LAPOP data sets should carefully read the corresponding reports and/or articles for details of the sample designs of these surveys. Some of the samples are weighted, others are not. To obtain correct results, for weighted data sets, the appropriate weight variable, normally called WT, must be applied.
  3. Subscribers are not allowed to transfer data to any third parties.
  4. We ask that subscribers provide an appropriate acknowledgement to LAPOP as the source of data. See how to cite LAPOP here.