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Seligson Prize

The Latin American Public Opinion Project (LAPOP) at Vanderbilt University is pleased to announce the winner of this year’s Seligson Prize:

Matthew Singer
“Delegating Away Democracy: How Good Representation and Policy Success Can Undermine Democratic Legitimacy”
The Seligson Prize is awarded annually to the best scholarship (paper, book, dissertation, or other scholarly work) using LAPOP’s AmericasBarometer data that was published or finalized in the prior two calendar years. The prize is named in honor of Mitchell Seligson, the founder of LAPOP and a pioneer in the study of public opinion in Latin America.
The 2019 award committee was comprised of Samuel Handlin of Swarthmore College (chair), Rosario Queirolo of Universidad Católica del Uruguay, and Luis Schiumerini of the University of Notre Dame.

Past Recipients 


Samuel Handlin

Handlin, Samuel. 2016. "Mass Organization and the Durability of Competitive Authoritarian Regimes: Evidence from Venezuela." Comparative Political Studies 49(9): 1238-1269. DOI: 10.1177/0010414016628186


Joby Schaffer and Andy Baker

Schaffer, Joby, and Andy Baker. 2015. "Clientelism as Persuasion-Buying: Evidence from Latin America." Comparative Political Studies 48(9): 1093-1126. DOI: 0010414015574881.