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Our Name

Our research institute is named LAPOP Lab. Our name comes from the pioneering work of Dr. Mitchell A. Seligson, who founded the Latin American Public Opinion Project, or "LAPOP". When referencing our research activities, we only use the name LAPOP, and no longer recognize the letters as an acronym but merely a name.

Our recommended first reference is "LAPOP, a survey research lab at Vanderbilt University," with subsequent references simply as LAPOP, pronounced "Lah-pop" as one word.

We use LAPOP at Vanderbilt University to specify our affiliation with the University and because our lab is housed on the University campus in Nashville, TN.

You may also see or hear us call ourselves the "LAPOP Lab." We do this when referencing the entirety of our research team or the actual physical location of our research institute.

LAPOP's core project is the AmericasBarometer, a regional survey of the hemisphere. In making attributions to that project, we often refer to "LAPOP's AmericasBarometer" or just the "AmericasBarometer."