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Undergraduate Research Fellows Program

LAPOP is pleased to announce a new program through which Vanderbilt undergraduate students can become involved with LAPOP and work with the AmericasBarometer survey data: the LAPOP Undergraduate Research Fellows Program. Click here for more information and a call for proposals. Deadlines for applications are August 1 and December 1.

This semester our LAPOP Undergraduate Research Assistants are:



System for Online Data Analysis (SODA)

LAPOP welcomes undergraduate students at Vanderbilt and elsewhere to use AmericasBarometer survey data in research papers and other course assignments. To facilitate such use, LAPOP and its partners at the University of Costa Rica maintain a website that allows individuals to query and analyze LAPOP survey data. This System for Online Data Analysis (SODA) is free and interactive, and does not require any registration. It is particularly useful for those individuals who do not have access to or skills to use advanced statistical software programs. We have developed a handbook that provides an introduction to the data analysis capacities of the SODA.

Vanderbilt Undergraduate Involvement with LAPOP

Vanderbilt undergraduate students are working with AmericasBarometer survey data in their classes and have contributed to LAPOP’s Insights series. To see a few pictures from the poster presentations for the Spring 2011 Honors 186 class on LAPOP, click here. To read an Insights report written by members of this class, click here.

Vanderbilt International magazine features LAPOP research in the undergraduate classroom in it's Spring/Summer 2011 issue: ''Matters of Opinion: Undergraduate Researchers Analyze Latin American Surveys'' by Melissa Smith