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AmericasBarometer Insights Series

The Insights Series provides short, pithy analysis of key, policy relevant data gathered by the AmericasBarometer. Normally released every two weeks, the studies are written mainly by LAPOP scholars and graduate students. These reports are used by journalists, policy makers and scholars world-wide. Subscription is free and available by emailing your name to

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ITB001: Will Argentines Trust the Truth Comission?

Author: Seligson, Mitchell A.
Released: February 20, 2013
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IO887: Power to the People? Support for Direct Democracy in the Americas

Author: Plata, Juan Camilo
Released: February 11, 2013
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IO886: Inequality Matters: The Role of Education in Defining Social Class in Colombia vs. Uruguay

Authors: Álvarez-Rivadulla, María José; Queirolo, Rosario
Released: January 28, 2013
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IO885: The Political Culture of Democracy in the Americas, 2012: Towards Equality of Opportunity - Executive Summary

Authors: Hinton, Nicole; Smith, Amy Erica; Zechmeister, Elizabeth
Released: January 14, 2013
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IO884: Honest and Effective Efforts are Rewarded with Trust in National Legislatures in the Americas

Authors: Boyton, Mitchell; Lee, Regina; Radomski, Shannon; Ries, Benjamin
Released: July 23, 2012
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IO883: Can Democracy Exist Without Political Parties? Education Increases Support for Party-Based Democracy in Latin America and the Caribbean

Authors: Ahern, Patrick; Cotter, Neal; Hall, Duncan
Released: July 9, 2012
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IO882: Riches Don't Explain Campaign Participation in the Americas, but Community Involvement Does

Authors: Graff, Erica; Orrell, Maranda; Rigl, Alex
Released: June 25, 2012
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IO881: Asking for Help in the Americas: The Importance of Needs, Efficacy, and Political Engagement

Authors: Lynch, Megan; Render, Sylvie; Twomey, Megan
Released: June 11, 2012
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IO880: Mano Dura in the Americas: Who Supports Iron Fist Rule?

Authors: Buchanan, Cornelia; DeAngelo,Liz; Ma, Ruidan; Taylor, Chris
Released: May 28, 2012
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IO879: When Do High Levels of Corruption Justify a Military Coup?

Author: Bell, Brandon
Released: May 14, 2012
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