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How can I download assignments?

An instructor may want to download individual assignment documents at times during the run of a course. This guide shows how the instructor can download submitted individual assignment documents one at a time, or all at once.

STEP  1: Access your course in Brightspace, then select Assignments from the Activities & Assessments drop-down.

STEP 2: In the Assignments area, click on the assignment name.

STEP 3: In the View By drop-down menu, make sure User is selected.  If it is not, select it and click Apply.

STEP 4: Under Submissions, make sure that Users with submissions is selected in the drop-down.

STEP 5a: At the bottom of the page, you will see the submissions from students.  To download a single student submission, click on the student’s file.

STEP 5a (continued): On the following page, click Download.  The student’s submission will then download to your computer.

STEP 5b: If you would like to download all submitted documents at one time, click the Select all rows box and then click Download.

STEP 6: When the pop-up window appears, click on the link provided to download a zip file.

STEP 7: Locate the zip file and then right click on the file.  Then, click Extract All.

STEP 8: Select the destination for the extracted files and click Extract.

STEP 9: In the destination folder, you will then see a folder for each student submission.

STEP 10: Open each respective student folder to find their individual submission.