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How do I navigate a Virtual Classrooms interface?

This guide will show you the features available to you when you’re participating in a Zoom meeting. If you are going to be using Zoom for the first time, be sure to check out these other guides.

How to prepare for your first Virtual Classroom meeting.
How do I join a Virtual Classroom?


Updated Spring 2020
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 The Virtual Classroom meeting interface

This image shows a basic overview of the Virtual Classroom interface. We will also provide more detailed descriptions of the participant panel and chat panel.

  1. Open the participant panel
  2. Open the chat panel
  3. Title of the meeting
  4. Instructor is recording
  5. PNG and download speeds
  6. Whiteboard area
  7. Mute/Unmute your mic
  8. Stop the audio, but stay in the meeting
  9. Share your screen or camera


The side panel

The side panel shows the Participant panel and Chat panel. You can show these by clicking the icons on the toolbar as described above.

  1. Participant panel – shows a list of participants and their audio status and who is sharing their screen.
  2. Chat panel scrolling chat log
  3. Chat field for entering chat