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How do I join a Zoom meeting or Virtual Classroom?

Zoom and Virtual Classrooms are the two integrated tools that allow you to have an online video conference in Brightspace. Typically your instructor will use one or the other, but not both.

If your instructor is using Zoom or Virtual Classroom in your Brightspace course, there are a few different places it could be available. Be sure to ask your instructor for specific instructions on where to access the meeting if you need help.


Updated Spring 2020
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How to join a Zoom meeting

1.) The most common place to find your Zoom meeting will be in a Zoom tab within your Brightspace course. Here you will see all of your meetings listed. When it’s time for the meeting, click Join and the Zoom interface will launch.


2.) A Zoom meeting can also be posted as a URL link in the Content area, or somewhere else. This image shows a link in the Content area. Be sure to communicate with your instructor if you are unable to locate a meeting link.

How to join a Virtual Classroom

1.) Virtual Classrooms will be posted in the content area of Brightspace. You should communicate with your instructor if you are unable to locate the links within your course. This image shows an example of a Virtual Classroom link in the Content area.