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What’s New in Brightspace September 2021

Posted by on Tuesday, September 21, 2021 in Releases.

Here are the highlights from recent Brightspace updates. A link to the full release notes is available at the end of this post. 


Assignments – Restricting file extensions for submissions

  • It’s now possible for instructors to restrict the types of files they accept for Assignments based on the file extension. This can be set to one of six settings.
      1. No Restrictions
      2. PDF Only
      3. Annotatable Files
      4. Files that can be previewed without conversion 
      5. Images and Videos
      6. Custom File Types
        1. If this is chosen, instructors can type in what file extensions they want to allow. 

Figure: The Allowable File Extensions option is found under Submission & Completion in the new Assignment Creator Experience. 


Rubrics – Copy and delete criteria groups 

  • It is now possible to copy or delete a criteria group on a rubric. The delete option is only available if there is more than one criteria group.

Note: When a rubric with attached assessment items has submissions evaluated against it, the rubric is locked and can no longer be edited or deleted.  

For more information about these updates, and the others we didn’t have space to mention, you can find the full release notes linked below. 

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