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Brightspace hours in July and August

Posted by on Sunday, July 4, 2021 in Uncategorized.

For many of us at Vanderbilt, August is the busiest month of the year. That is certainly true for us here at Brightspace support at the CFT! And to get ready for our return to campus in August, we have new guides and resources, new faces, and a new expanded schedule ready to unveil. 

August Support Schedule

Starting August 1, 2021, we are excited to offer email support at to Vanderbilt instructors 7 days a week! 

Our new expanded hours are:

Sunday 5pm-11pm

Monday through Friday 7am-11pm

Saturday 9am-5pm

If you want to talk to us in real time, you can email to schedule a Zoom or face-to-face consultation with a member of our team. Or, you reach out to us by phone during business hours, 9am-4pm Monday-Friday.  We can be reached at 615-322-0200.  

We will also be offering a wide array of workshops both through the Brightspace support team (see the listing of Brightspace workshops here) and as part of the CFT’s regular offerings (which you can find here). Keep an eye on those two websites to learn more about what will be offered and how you can sign up.

July Support Schedule

In contrast with the fast pace of August support, July is typically our slowest month here at Brightspace support. We enjoy the university-wide staff holidays for the 4th of July and take our summer vacations with our families. It is also the month when our instructional technologists catch up on latest developments in the field by attending the D2L Brightspace FUSION conference and undertaking a comprehensive review of our resources. In order to ensure that our staff have time for professional development as well as some well-earned vacation time this summer, our July support hours will be limited. We will still be available for some morning and evening support hours each day, but our response times might not be quite as fast and our hours not as comprehensive. All the same, we will be around all summer and we look forward to helping you get your Brightspace courses ready for the new year!

If you have questions about Brightspace support or want to schedule a consultation with one of our instructional technologists, please contact us via email at 


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