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Identity Theft


Last year at Vanderbilt University at least 50 percent of all 7,000 undergraduate student mailboxes were set to the opening combination (auto open) on a daily basis. This may be done because students don’t want to take the time or they may feel that they don’t have the time to go through the three-number combination (such as, left 13, right 24, left 41), or perhaps they can’t remember the combination. But when a mailbox is left in the “auto open” position, anyone can walk up and open that mailbox and take mail from or put unsolicited items into the mailbox.

This leaves the potential for identity theft or mail theft. We ask that you do not leave your mailboxes set to the opening combination.

The security of your personal information is very important to us. Please make sure that you close your campus mailbox and spin the combination dial at least one full turn to the left to clear the numbers. Identity theft is a nationwide problem and taking these measures will help protect you and prevent someone from accessing your campus mailbox after you leave the post office/mailbox area.

The staff at Station B Post Office does from time to time do random inspections of all mailboxes, and any mailboxes found set to the “auto open” position will be cleared and the combination will be required to open it again.

We suggest that students memorize their box combination and mailbox number. We have a few suggestions that may help:

• Students can use their cell phones to store mailbox numbers and combinations. Where you normally put a name, such as Mom or Dad, put Box Combo, and where you normally put the phone number, put the combination, such as L13 R24 L41. 
• You can write the combination on the back of your Commodore Card, but do not include the actual mailbox number in case the card is lost or stolen. 
• Always keep the mailbox number and combination written down in a safe place where it can be easily accessed when needed.

The Vanderbilt University Mail Services staff wants to ensure that your identity is safe. Please use these tips to protect yourself.

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The Station B and Peabody mail centers will be closed on the following dates in observance of the holidays:

President's Day- OPEN Monday Feb-16,2015.

Memorial Day- CLOSED Monday May 25,2015.

Independence Day- CLOSED Saturday July 4, 2015.

Labor Day - OPEN Monday Sept 7th, 2015.

Columbus Day- OPEN Monday Oct 12,2015.

Thanksgiving Day- CLOSED Thursday Nov 26,2015.

Black Friday Day- CLOSED Friday Nov 27,2015.Saturday Nov,28th Reopening Monday Nov ,30th.

Christmas Eve- CLOSED Thursday, Dec 24,2015.

Christmas Day- CLOSED  Friday,Dec 25,2015.

Day After Christmas- CLOSED Saturday,Dec 26,2015.

New Year's Day- CLOSED Friday, Jan 1, 2016. Reopening Saturday , Jan 2nd.

Martin Luther King Day- OPEN Monday,Jan 18,2016.

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