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Scheduled/Timed Mail Delivery Routes

In order to provide Vanderbilt departments with timely and efficient mail pick-up and delivery schedules, Mail Services has redesigned our Mail Routes.  All routes have scheduled stops in each campus zone, and the schedule will be followed on a daily basis (barring inclement weather, power outages, holidays, etc.).

Every building that we deliver to/pick-up from has an assigned time scheduled. Please note that departments with large mail volumes may have two daily stops. 

All outgoing mail must be ready for pick-up by the mail carrier at the designated time(s) for your building.  Because the delivery routes are timed, mail carriers will not be able to wait for mail preparation.

If your department has a larger than normal mailing, please call in advance so that we can prepare accordingly.  If needed, Mail Services can send a special courier to pick up the mailing.  Please call in advance if you need mailing supplies, trays, buckets, etc.

Please find your building listed on the route schedule (route 1, route 2) and note the pick up/drop off times scheduled for your building. Please have mail ready daily at these scheduled times. The pick up and drop off points have not changed for your areas/departments, only the scheduled times have changed. Please make everyone aware of the new scheduled time(s).  This is only if you have deliveries to your deparment from Station B

If you have any questions, please contact VU Mail Services (Station B) at 2-2934.

Route 1

Stop 1 9:20 AM Jewish Center (Ben Schulman Center)
Stop 2 9:25 AM Mechanical Engineering/Chemical Engineering (Olin Hall)
Stop 3 9:30 AM Physics/Chemistry/Math (Stevenson)
Stop 4 9:50 AM McGugin Center
Stop 5 9:55 AM Police and Security
Stop 6 10:00 AM Episodes of Care- 118 29th Ave S
Stop 7 10:05 AM Kirkland Hall
Stop 8 10:10 AM Alumni Hall
Stop 9 10:20 AM Baker Building
Stop 10 10:40 AM 2015 Terrace Place
Stop 11 10:50 AM Centre Building
Stop 12 10:55 AM Loews Plaza
Stop 13 1:05 PM Student Life Center
Stop 14 1:10 PM Eskind Library
Stop 15 1:20 PM Student Recreation Center/Health Plus
Stop 16 1:30 PM 3401 West End
Stop 17 1:35 PM 2525 West End
Stop 18 1:45 PM 2305/2309 West End- Undergrad Admissions, Financial Aid
Stop 19 2:00 PM Kirkland Hall
Stop 20 2:25 PM Baker Building
Stop 21 2:30 PM 2007 Terrace Place


Route 2

Stop 1 9:25 AM 111 Furman Hall
Stop 2 9:35 AM 411 21st Ave S- Divinity
Stop 3 9:40 AM 419 21st Ave S- General Library
Stop 4 10:00 AM Station 17- Hospital Mail Center
Stop 5 10:15 AM MCN/Learned Labs Building
Stop 6 10:25 AM MRB III
Stop 7 10:50 AM Villages of Vanderbilt
Stop 8 11:05 AM Belcourt 2120- Home Care Services
Stop 9 11:10 AM Belcourt 2140- Child Care Center
Stop 10 11:15 AM Blakemore 2135- Quality & Safety
Stop 11 11:17 AM Blakemore 2141- Clinical Trials/Shared Resources
Stop 12 11:19 AM Belcourt 2146- Service Measurement, Adolescent Medicine
Stop 13 11:20 AM Belcourt 2147- Special Events
Stop 14 1:05 PM 111 21st Ave (Wilson Hall)
Stop 15 1:15 PM 131 21st Ave S- Law School
Stop 16 1:20 PM 401 21st Ave S- OGSM
Stop 17 1:25 PM Traffic & Parking
Stop 18 1:35 PM School of Nursing
Stop 19 1:45 PM Station 17 Hospital Mail Center
Stop 20 1:55 PM Peabody Mail Center
Stop 21 2:05 PM Sony
Stop 22 2:15 PM 1909 21st Ave S- Compliance/Corporate Integrity

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Mail forwarding / Address Information

The Station B and Peabody mail centers will be closed on the following dates in observance of the holidays:

Martin Luther King Day- OPEN Monday, Jan 16, 2017.

President's Day- OPEN
Monday Feb-20, 2017.

Memorial Day- CLOSED Monday May 30, 2016.

Independence Day- CLOSED Monday July 4, 2016.

Labor Day - OPEN Monday Sept 5th, 2016.

Columbus Day- OPEN Monday Oct 10, 2016.

Thanksgiving Day- CLOSED Thursday Nov 24, 2015.

Day after Thanksgiving- CLOSED Friday Nov 26, 2016. Saturday Nov,27th Reopening Monday Nov 28th.

Christmas- CLOSED Friday, Dec 23, 2016, Saturday Dec 24, Sunday Dec 25, Monday, Dec 26, & Tuesday Dec 27th, 2016.

Station B Post Office will be open 12-28, 29 and 30, but the USPS window will be closed until Monday 1-3-17. The package window, metering services and mail routes will be open. You can still drop stamped mail off at Station B in the drop box on Dec 28, 29 and 30th.

Peabody Commons Post Office - Closed 12-23-16 to 1-2-17

New Year's- CLOSED Monday, January 2nd, 2017


Vanderbilt Medical Center Post Office Station 17