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1-to-1 Speaking Consultations

1-to-1 Speaking Consultations (SC) are designed to meet the speaking needs of students, faculty, and scholars (non-VUMC) whose first language is not English.

Due to the varied cultural and linguistic backgrounds of the university’s students, faculty, and scholars, their abilities and needs in accomplishing course speaking requirements may vary significantly from those of native English-speaking students. The instructors and speaking consultants at the ELC are well acquainted with typical speaking styles of non-native English speakers. Consultations are between participants and consultants in order to determine the individual’s most pressing needs. SC sessions provide constructive feedback to help speakers develop strategies for successful speaking in the academic context.

How Do I Sign-Up?

Speaking consultations are scheduled in advance directly with the ELC Consultations Coordinator.

Click HERE to sign up.

Please note: speaking consultations are offered only during Fall and Spring semesters (closed during Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Spring Break, and Summer Break).

SC Appointments should be made at least 24 hours in advance whenever possible.

Before You Arrive...

Students who plan to participate in these sessions are REQUIRED to:

  • STEP 1: Have a particular speaking need and context in mind: bring with you an assignment, project, or specific topic that you wish to focus on.
  • STEP 2: Read 1-to-1 Speaking Consultation Policies

1-to-1 Speaking Consultation sessions focus on language issues in academic spoken English.


For more information about 1-to-1 Speaking Consultations, contact:

Jim Cracraft, Assistant Director
Tel: +1 615-322-2277