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Student Centers Team Highlight: Social Media Team

Posted by on Thursday, February 3, 2022 in Student Centers Blog.

by Thalia Irwin, Lauren Mitchum, Virginia Richards, and Stella Wang

Student Centers offers our student employees the opportunity to apply their skills beyond their respective building areas in smaller employee teams. These smaller employee teams allow our student staff to work in more intimate professional settings on specific projects and objectives. One of these teams is our Social Media Team. Check out some insights on Student Centers’ marketing technques from our Team members, Virginia Richards, Lauren Mitchum, Thalia Irwin, and Stella Wang, below!


How long have you been a part of Student Centers’ Social Media Team?

Virginia: I’ve been working on the team since fall of 2019!

Lauren: I’ve been working with the social media team since September, so about 4 months!

Thalia: I have been part of the social media team since August of 2021. 

Stella: I just joined the team this month (January 2022), and I am still learning everything but I am super excited to be on this team!


Have you previously worked in marketing/social media?

Virginia: In a professional setting, no, but I have previously done social media work for Vanderbilt’s Questbridge Chapter as a publicity co-chair.

Lauren: Nope! I came in with no formal experience.

Thalia: During my internship last summer I ran the social media account for a public health non-profit.

Stella:  Not really, I was the student associate for one of the student organizations during my undergraduate, but I was not doing much work specifically in marketing/social media.


What is your role in the Social Media Team?

Virginia: I handle the ‘Events at Vanderbilt’ end of things, which involves all of our non-wedding content. Our Instagram,, is where I post most of our content, ranging from video showcases of our venues to event highlights that show off the capabilities of our spaces to potential clients. I also post content to our TikTok page, also, where we do short-length videos that offer intimate looks into Vanderbilt’s event venues. Right now we are doing a mini-vlog series on our TikTok that highlights each of our major building areas and the beauty of each space.

Lauren:  I handle the Weddings side of Events At Vanderbilt, so my role is mainly creating content for Instagram and Tiktok, and further maintaining our internet presence through Pinterest, The Knot, Wedding Wire, etc. I post photos from weddings that have been held at Vanderbilt before, photos of our venue spaces, wedding inspiration, and content on our Instagram stories to engage our followers!

Thalia: I primarily write the newsletter and coordinate the LinkedIn alumni posts.

Stella: I am the Social Media manager! I am mainly responsible for managing the social media team and conceptualize and create social media worthy content with the associates.


What is your favorite part of being a part of the Social Media Team?

Virginia: I love the creative aspect of creating social media content. Curating photos, videos, and graphics allow me to touch into the side of myself that really appreciates aesthetics. Vanderbilt has a beautiful campus with many beautiful venues, so it makes it really easy to promote our venues to prospective clients!

Lauren: My favorite part of being a part of the social media team is that creating content is really fun for me, and the job is very low stress and offers a nice break from academic stuff!

Thalia: I love my team members, they are always super supportive and creative people!


What is your favorite piece of content that you have produced for Student Centers’ social media?

Virginia: Right before we left for winter break, I did a mini-vlog of the Student Centers office here in Rand 307. Even though it was just a short, 15-second TikTok, it was really fun to visually highlight the work that we do here in the office. Plus, I loved pairing our daily reservation work with funky music.

Lauren: Around Halloween, I created a ‘this or that’ for our Instagram story, and the theme was couples’ Halloween costumes! This was so much fun to make because Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I take costumes very seriously!

Thalia: I had a great time taking pictures of Fall for the Arts last semester and I got some great content that I could use in the Newsletter because many of our student centers staff were at this event.


Is there a specific piece of content/kind of content that you look forward to creating for Student Centers’s social media?

Stella: I am excited to enrich our student profiles page and create more content about all the amazing event spaces we have and other media facilities available on campus. 


We hope you enjoyed this look into who handles Student Centers’s marketing endeavors! Our team is very fortunate to have such creative and forward thinking students helping spread the word about the work we do at Student Centers to the greater Nashville community and beyond. Be sure to check out our social media platforms: and @weddingsatvu (Instagram), (TikTok), and Events at Vanderbilt on LinkedIn. Go Social Media Team!

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