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Launch of the Vanderbilt [IM]Perfection Project

Posted by on Thursday, January 28, 2016 in archives.

We are excited to launch a new campus-wide initiative called the Vanderbilt [IM]Perfection Project!  The Vanderbilt University [IM]Perfection Project aims to create a campus culture where students can celebrate their successes and their failures.  It seeks to bring awareness of failure and setbacks as a healthy part of every student’s college experience and life after Vanderbilt.  The [IM]Perfection Project wants to foster a Vanderbilt community where students can bravely share their stories of “good failures” as well as their journeys of self-acceptance.

The goals of the program are:

  • to promote a Vanderbilt community that cultivates vulnerability, empathy, and support
  • to provide a space for students to share their stories of imperfection and their strategies for coping with setbacks and failure
  • to increase awareness of perfectionism and rejection through speakers, student speak-out panels, and workshops
  • to connect students to appropriate campus and community resources to support wellness and success at Vanderbilt

The project is currently being led by a student committee of 9 undergraduates and 2 staff advisers.

The website for the project will officially launch on February 16th.  The website will provide a space for students to view, share, and submit stories related to perfectionism, failure, and mental health.  The stories can be in the form of videos, photos, or writing and will only be accessible to those with a VUNetID.

The student committee is currently planning a “Speak-Out” panel event on Tuesday, February 16th at 7 PM in Kissam C216. We invite undergraduate and graduate students to come listen to their peers share their stories about topics related to perfectionism, fear of failure, and mental health at Vanderbilt. Attendees will also learn how to navigate the [IM]Perfection Project website and submit their stories. Faculty and staff are also welcome at this event.

We would love for you all to help spread the word and engage students with the [IM]Perfection Project!  Here are a few ways you can get involved:

1)     “Like” our Facebook page and share it through the pages of your offices and departments.

2)    Encourage students to submit their stories on the website.  After the website launches, you will be able to view it through:

3)    Invite an [IM]Perfection Project Student Committee member to come speak to an organization you advise by emailing us at:

4)    Tell students about the “Speak-Out” panel event happening on Tuesday, February 16th at 7 PM in Kissam C216.  More information here:

5)    Invite students to be a part of the “Speak-Out” panel by having them email their story to Alex Hollifield or Rachel by Friday, February 5th.