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Resources for Student Webmasters

Vanderbilt provides free web space for registered student organizations.  All web sites are built in WordPress and come pre-loaded with a selection of themes and plugins.  Access to the web sites are controlled by VUnetID and ePassword to facilitate the transfer of administrative duties from year to year.

Themes include a VU website and VU blog theme.  There are also several other themes which are highly customizable.   The most notable is Divi, the flagship product produced by ElegantThemes.  Divi comes with it’s own proprietary building tool (The Divi Builder) which facilitates website production by compartmentalizing functionality into preset modules which can be placed on the website.  More information on Divi and The Divi Builder can be found here.

Organizations may purchase non-VU domain names, but those domain names must be owned and renewed by Vanderbilt University.  More information on the policy and the purchase process can be found at the VUIT DNS Policy web page.