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News and Events  

Fri Feb 10, 7:30 & 9pm
Choral Prism Concert
Ingram Hall

Sun, Apr 2, 2:00 pm
Spring Concert
Ingram Hall

Welcome to the Vanderbilt University Concert Choir homepage! Founded in 1895, the Concert Choir has a rich tradition of making beautiful music together and traveling on an annual spring tour to cities that have included Charlotte and Charleston, Savannah and Orlando, Chicago and St. Louis, and Washington, DC. We are the oldest performing arts group on campus and the keepers of the Vanderbilt Alma Mater.

Comprised of students from all four undergraduate schools within the university, the Concert Choir is known not only for our great and varied music selection, but for our family-like atmosphere as well. We host many social events throughout the year, including frequent parties, unforgettable retreats, banquets, and much more! To quote a former choir president, "We came for the music, and we stayed for the people." To learn more, I invite you to explore this page and all our organization has to offer.

Elizabeth Robillard
President, Vanderbilt University Concert Choir

If you have any questions or would like to talk about the many opportunities that VUCC provides, please don't hesitate to email us at: