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Student Engagement and Leadership


Student Engagement and Leadership encourages co-curricular learning, leadership development, and personal development through social engagement, cultural enrichment, community service, artistic exploration, and intellectual growth. Student Affairs staff in Student Engagement and Leadership promote lifelong learning by engaging students in organizational and programmatic opportunities supporting self-reflection, skill acquisition, and leadership development.  They support the mission-driven work of student organizations to enrich the collegiate experience and to better the Vanderbilt and the larger communities by providing student participants and leaders with the vital resources required to make their organizations more effective, inclusive, impactful, and sustainable.

Contact Information

  • Leader
    Traci Ray, Associate Dean
  • Office
    310 Sarratt
  • Phone Number


Arts & Campus Events

Arts & Campus Events (ACE) includes student arts and campus programming initiatives at Vanderbilt. Arts & Campus Event’s facilitates and promotes diverse programming for the Vanderbilt and Nashville communities, which cultivates social engagement, cultural enrichment, artistic exploration, and intellectual growth.

Dwayne Elliott, Director
365 Sarratt

Greek Life

Greek Life advocates for a fraternity and sorority experience that upholds the values espoused by both the Greek letter organizations and Vanderbilt University. With the support of campus partners, international fraternity and sorority staff, and alumni, Greek Life provides opportunities that support student learning and add value to the collegiate experience.

Kristin Torrey, Director
343 Sarratt

Student Centers

Vanderbilt Student Centers include Alumni Hall, the Commons Center, the Kissam Center, Sarratt Student Center | Rand Hall, and the Student Life Center, augmented by Reservations & Events, and Production Services.  These facilities and departments provide space and support for student engagement and enrichment, as well as for events of departments, centers, and programs from across the University.

Clayton Arrington, Senior Director for Student Engagement and Leadership
307 Sarratt

Student Organizations, Leadership, and Service (SOLS)

Student Organizations encourages co-curricular learning and personal development through intentional student engagement. Student Organizations connect the campus community by highlighting opportunities for meaningful involvement and helping students engage with tools to help manage and track the co-curricular student experience.

DeAnte’ Smith, Director
339 Sarratt