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A number of e-scooter companies operate in Nashville. These vehicles can provide a flexible off-campus mobility option for the campus community, but commercial scooter deployment, riding, and parking is currently prohibited at nearly all on-campus locations.

To take a ride on one of these scooters, download the company’s app, link a credit card to pay for rides, and use the in-app map to find the closest scooter. Most likely, the closest scooter will be found just outside the edge of the campus deployment boundary.

Commercial Scooter Prohibition Map

When planning a route to your destination, keep in mind that the motor on commercial scooters will turn off when entering the campus boundary.

If returning to campus via scooter, plan to end your trip before entering the campus boundary, and be thoughtful about where you place the scooter. Make sure not to block paths or access points to any facilities.

Riding personal scooters is allowed on-campus, but the batteries in these devices present an increased fire risk. As such, members of the campus community are prohibited from bringing e-scooters or their batteries into campus buildings or residence halls for charging or storage.

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