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Commute Concierge

Commute Concierge services are available to the Vanderbilt University community:

  • Learn how to ride WeGo public transit to, from and across campus
  • Plan out sustainable commutes (walk, bike, bus, train, carpool and vanpool), including tips on where to park and ride the bus
  • Identify bicycle amenities around campus like showers and repair stations
  • Receive guidance on sustainable options to travel downtown, to the airport, grocery stores, etc.
  • Receive assistance planning group excursions, including how to utilize the Vanderbilt Lyft Ridehail Partnership for university-related business
  • Presentations for classes, departments and schools about sustainable commute options, parking options and the Vanderbilt Lyft Ridehail Partnership

For more information or to request Commute Concierge services, please fill out this request form or email