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Mobility and Transportation Standing Committee


As the university works toward the MoveVU vision for campus by reducing drive alone rates, lowering carbon emissions, creating a more connected, sustainable campus and providing more diverse parking options, making careful, deliberate decisions about parking and transportation will be instrumental in achieving our goals. In addition, investing in infrastructure that supports sustainable transportation and engaging in research and data collection will be critical as well.

The Mobility and Transportation Committee is composed of a diverse group of campus stakeholders that will act in an advisory capacity to guide efforts surrounding parking and transportation on campus. The main goals of the Mobility and Transportation Committee are 1) to discern diverse perspectives about mobility and transportation that help implement the overall vision and goals for the future of campus, specifically FutureVU and MoveVU, 2) to review general strategies and policies concerning university parking, mobility and transportation programs, and 3) to provide feedback on and disseminate information regarding parking and transportation programs to their constituents and colleagues.

Reports to: Vice Chancellor for Administration

2022-2023 Committee Members

Faculty Members

Brooke Ackerly, Political Science

Adam Anderson, School of Engineering

Julie Barroso, School of Nursing

Chin Chiang, Cell and Developmental Biology

Melanie Hundley, Peabody College

Carl Johnson, Biological Sciences

Ganesh Sitaraman, Law School

Thomas Verrier, Blair School of Music

Staff Members

Marita “MJ” Bush, USAC member, Office of the General Counsel

Kenneth Garner, Purchasing & Payment Services

Jamie Linski, Development and Alumni Relations

Josh Luffman, School of Medicine Basic Sciences

Lauren Rodgers, Office of the Chancellor

Beth Sims, USAC member, School of Nursing

Jennie Stumpf, USAC member, Law Admissions

Tara Williams, Facilities Business Operations Center


Sophia Rose Chou, Undergraduate, A&S

Ari Sasson, Undergraduate, A&S

Sam Abaev, Graduate/Professional, Peabody

Mark Crowder, Graduate/Professional, Graduate School

Marina Hanna, Graduate/Professional, Graduate School

Administrative/Ex Officio Members

Michael Briggs, Director of Mobility

Tiffany Fentress, Manager, Parking Services

Lindsey Ganson, Assistant Director of Mobility

James Moore, Landscape Architect

Mike Perez, Associate Vice Chancellor, Chief Facilities Officer

Patrick Retton, Associate Vice Chancellor for Administration, Chief of Operations

Davis Strange, Chief of Staff, Office of Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Public Safety

August Washington, Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Public Safety


View a list of past committee members here.