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Walking is a great way to get around campus and the surrounding neighborhood. There are many health and wellness benefits to walking, and we encourage those who are able to walk to enjoy this free mode.

Centennial Park, Taste of Nashville restaurants, Hillsboro Village and more are within walking distance.

Although this mode may not be an option every day due to weather and other circumstances, every time you can commute to campus by walking makes a positive impact. We suggest having a sturdy umbrella, rain jacket and rain boots on hand to make your walking commute more palatable on rainy days.



For safety issues or concerns, please contact VUPS. For non-emergencies, call 615-322-2745. For emergencies, call 911, or from on campus with a cell phone call 615-421-1911.

Individuals can also utilize safety features in the VandySafe app including contacting VUPD via phone call or real-time chat, triggering a mobile Bluelight that shares your location instantly with VUPD, or initiating a “Virtual Walkhome” where VUPD can monitor your walk to your vehicle or home, view information on VandyRide, and more.